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ubbi eco-friendly stainless diaper pail - light pink

The Ubbi Diaper Pail in Light Pink is a stylish and smart way to keep diaper odors at bay! Unlike other diaper pails, the Ubbi Pail is made of powder-coated steel - not plastic! Equipped with rubber seals and a sliding, lockable lid designed to trap odors, unlike other pails that move foul air every time you open or close them. This award-winning diaper pail allows you to use a cloth liner bag, making it a great choice for cloth diapering. You may also use the Ubbi Biodegradable Disposable Diaper Pail Liners or Glad Tall Kitchen-Catchers when using the pail for disposable diapers. Available in all 15 Canadian colors & prints at Baby Charlotte, we're sure to have just the right color for you!

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Ubbi #UB-P-LP