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It all started with little Charlotte.
It was 2007, and the idea for our little store was growing...
I could feel this precious little person growing inside of me, and everywhere I turned, it seemed there was more news of hormone-disrupting plastics, violated safety standards and dangerous products. Products designed to nurture and care for our children were putting them at risk.
I started asking questions. What is this made of? What am I putting onto and into my body? What am I giving to my baby? The answers were frightening.
BPA in my water bottles. Phthalates in my skincare. Dioxins in my shower curtain. Hormone disruptors leaching into my baby’s food through cheap plastic storage containers and Polycarbonate bottles. PVC Vinyl encasing her crib mattress. Even my bubble bath, shampoo, and toothpaste were filled with Sodium Laureth Sulfate and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, fragrance, phthalates, preservatives and artificial colors. Dangerous chemicals we take for granted as being safe.
I considered what effects these dangers would have on my baby after she was born. Suddenly organic skin and body care didn’t seem so crazy. Suddenly, mountains of bubbles didn’t seem so important.
I was on a mission - to find safe alternatives for everything from diaper cream and bubble bath to organic clothing and rubber duckies. But these products were often hard to find, and expensive to import. In some cases, products just weren’t available at all in Canada.
A thought occurred to me.
If I was having difficulty finding my way, perhaps other mothers were as well. So I started forming a list, adding to it each time I found a truly remarkable product.
Before I knew it, I had the plan for our store. Everything we sell is a safer, better choice. Better and more responsibly made for us and for our planet. Higher quality. A plush doll, instead of a PVC doll. Toys and products made from recycled materials. Products that haven’t snuck into our country as a novelty item, but that have actually been tested and proven safe for children. Toys made by reputable and trustworthy manufacturers. Products from companies that submit to third-party testing, and meet or exceed ASTM, CSA, CPSA & EU17 requirements if they’re made offshore. We thought of everyone, with shelves full of clothing, shoes, toys, gear, and healthy body care for the whole family. And yes, we even have safe bubble bath.
No more excuses. It’s time to be healthy
Baby Charlotte
Safe Mama, Safe Home, Safe Baby
Since we opened our doors in 2008, until now.
It’s our promise to you.
Carla Muller, Baby Charlotte owner and MIC (Mama In Charge)