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boon nursh bottle & grass gift set bundle

A BOON-TASTIC bundle featuring the new top-rated NURSH bottle and some of the best bottle accessories to make keeping things clean a snap.

  • Easy on the go: this complete bundles includes two extra NURSH silicone pouch refill that are great for on-the-go feedings
  • Easy cleaning: forb is the soap dispensing silicone bottle brush that features a built-in nipple cleaner that'll help you get the whole bottle clean
  • Easy drying: patch, a cool countertop drying rack, effortlessly holds items upright, while the poke accessory fits right into the patch to hold bottle and sippy cup parts that are easily lost
  • 2 x 4oz bottle, 2 x 8oz bottle, 1 grass, 1 twig, 1 trip brush