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beau + belle littles toddler nageuret reusable swim diaper (2-5yrs) - mermaids

Beau & Belle Littles Nageuret adjustable and reusable toddler swim diaper. 2-5 years, Mermaid print.

Beau & Belle Littles swim diapers are adjustable and reusable, saving parents from embarrassment and messy cleanups. Swim diapers are now required in most public swimming locations, so it's always good to have an extra! Available in two size ranges.

This is a toddler swim diaper. Fits 2-5 years (20-55 lbs)

-Waterproof, adjustable, + reusable.
-Fits Toddlers 20-55 lbs (13kg-21kg); waist 11in-24in (28cm-61cm), legs 10in-18in. (25.4cm-45.72cm)
-Designed to keep solids in the swim diaper and keep others safe from accidents.
-One-size with snaps that adjust around the waist and abdomen offering three different sizes of width and length.
-Waterproof outer fabric made from 100% PUL polyester featuring cute unisex patterns.
-Internal Polyester mesh designed for easy washing and baby comfort.
-When there are solids in the diaper, just knock them in the toilet.
-Wash in cold water. Tumble dry on low heat or line dry.

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