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playwell hoberman multi colour rainbow mini sphere 5.5" - 12"

Is it a toy if you are learning something? The Hoberman Sphere is fantastic because it is a mix of science, math, perception, movement, fun and magic all at the same time! It looks small and yet it expands when you pull the edges and increases in size. Spin, toss, roll, the Hoberman Sphere, or see if you can fit inside! It can become a hat an astronauts helmet or whatever you choose! Count the stars, and triangles and figure out how the shapes work together. Another option is using the Hoberman Sphere to demonstrate breathing; have your child learn self-soothing by copying the movement of the sphere to their breathing. Open sphere, full lungs, slowly closing the sphere, breathing out - a calm moment. . . ahh!

For ideas on how to play, explore and learn from the Hoberman Sphere, please check out the following website: