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natursutten orthodontic butterfly natural rubber pacifier 2pk

The Natursutten Orthodontic Natural Pacifier is a safe and chemical-free pacifier made from 100% natural latex rubber. Environmentally-friendly and biodegradable, PVC-free, Phthalate-free and plastic-free. The soft rubber shield won't leave marks, and warms to baby's temperature, mimicking mother's breast. The orthodontic nipple follows baby's natural mouth movements, which is ideal for breastfed babies as it is less likely to cause nipple confusion. The butterfly shield is notched to allow air-movement when suckling. Safety-tested using the stretch-test, the teat shows amazing strength. Features a loop handle that can be easily attached to a pacifier chain. Available in Small (0-6m), Medium (6-12m), and Large 12m+. It is recommended to replace the pacifier every 3 months, when it starts to become gummy in texture, or shows signs of cracking. Hand-wash in soapy water. 2pk.