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ellie + emmett positional support pillow - prairie floral

Comfort & Support... from one parent to another. Prairie Floral print.

Designed by a mom of 4, who is also a health professional, our one size fits all pillow is comfortable and functional for newborn babes to preschoolers and endorsed by parents and health professionals alike for supervised use. Using the pillow for proper positioning of the head, neck, and spine helps babe continue sensorimotor development in the 4th trimester and beyond.

Newborn - Rolling For both head & body support Swing, Bouncy chair Bassinet, Loungers (awake) Car seat/bassinet on your stroller.

Side-lying - great for playtime to get babe off the back of their head Infants (rolling +) & Preschoolers previously listed uses & Stroller Hiking backpack Travel Pillow - planes, trains and automobiles

IMPORTANT: Car seat manufacturers make recommendations regarding the use of "aftermarket products", refer to your car seat manual(s) before using in a moving vehicle. Our positional support pillow is NOT a medical device. Please consult with your qualified medical professional with your specific questions. Our pillow is NOT intended for use in cribs or other sleeping areas. Always use under the direct supervision of a responsible caregiver.

Ellie & Emmett #EE000132