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crazy aaron's thinking putty tidal wave magnetic - 4 inch with magnet

Crazy Aaron's Tidal Wave Super Magnetic Thinking Putty is a shimmering, sapphire blue putty with hidden talents! All you need to do to experience its amazing qualities is stretch it out and apply the included magnet! Use the included magnet to lift and twist the putty. Sculpt it into a shape and place the magnet on top - after just a few minutes, you'll see what the force of magnetics can do!

Thinking Putty is often used by therapists as a calming activity that relieves stress and promotes muscle strength and mobility in the hands. Be sure to store your putty in the included tin to keep it free of dust, and fresh for next time. Squish it, snap it, bounce it! It's remarkable what this putty can do! It remains pliable for up to 2 years and never dries out! Tidal Wave is a remarkable putty with metal added, which stretches easily, yet is firm to start.

Like all silicone putty, do not place or leave on fabric as it 'melts' into the pores of any fabric it is left on. The included magnet is very powerful and must only be handled by children who are old enough to handle magnets carefully, and who will not place them in their mouth! For this reason, it is rated for ages 10 and up.

Made in the USA

Warning! Choking hazard.

Magnet Warning! Magnets, when ingested can connect in the intestine and cause perforations that can lead to infection, blockages and even death. Not suitable for households with small children! Seek immediate medical help if swallowed.

Age 10 years+

Check out Tidal Wave's incredible Shimmer and Stretch!

Check out Tidal Wave's amazing Reactivity!