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crazy aaron's thinking putty neon flash electric - 2 inch

Crazy Aaron's Neon Flash Electric Thinking Putty shimmers with hot pink-red and neon orange!

Thinking Putty is often used by therapists as a calming activity that relieves stress and promotes muscle strength and mobility in the hands. Be sure to store your putty in the included tin to keep it free of dust, and fresh for next time. Squish it, snap it, bounce it! It's remarkable what this putty can do! It remains pliable for up to 2 years and never dries out! Neon Flash is a firmer textured putty, which softens with use and is great for sculpting shapes when taken straight out of the tin.

Like all silicone putty, do not place or leave on fabric as it 'melts' into the pores of any fabric it is left on. For this reason, we recommend an age of 6 years and up for unattended play.

Made in the USA

Warning! Choking hazard.

Age 6 years+

Check out Neon Flash's amazing stretch & shimmer!