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Attitude Little Leaves Hand Sanitizer Watermelon Coconut 100ml

ATTITUDE®’s little leavesTM hand sanitizer is designed to effectively eliminate harmful bacteria and germs while being safe and gentle on hands and the planet. It is composed of 72% ethanol to efficiently disinfect hands, as well as vegetable glycerine and leaf extracts to help soothe the skin. It is also approved by Health Canada and carries the EWG VERIFIED™ seal.

This disinfectant spray is lightly infused with a sweet aroma of pear and vanilla and comes packaged in a cute and colorful pocket size spray bottle, making hand sanitizing fun.

Active ingredients: Ethyl alcohol (72% w/w)
Inactive ingredients: water, glycerin, vaccinium angustifolium (blueberry) leaf extract, triethyl citrate, decanal, dimethyl heptenal, gamma-nonalactone.