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Covid 19 Safety Protocols

Covid Safety Protocols:

All staff members at Baby Charlotte have received 2 shots of Covid Vaccine, have waited 2 weeks for the vaccine to fully take effect, and are now fully vaccinated.

Staff is required to wear ASTM Level 3 surgical masks at all times, and to maintain social distance and separate break spaces where an individual's mask may be removed for snack or meal breaks. As we are a family business, only those of us who are in the same family bubble will be permitted to be without masks in the presence of each other, when no other individuals are present, and only during hours when we are closed to the public. Daily temperature checks are performed on all staff members.

Plexiglass barriers will be in place at checkouts, to help maintain social distance between customers and staff.

Hand sanitizer is available at checkouts and store entryways.

Separate work stations have been set, so that staff working at their computers will be at least 6 feet apart.

Once we reopen, we will continue to ask Covid screening questions before entry is granted, and will continue to keep our door locked so that no one without a mask and without being screened may enter, for the safety of our staff and our customers.

A maximum of 5 customers, including infants and 5 staff members are allowed in our store at any given time, to a maximum of 10 persons..

We ask that customers maintain at least 6 feet of distance from each other at all times.

Our bathrooms and nursing area will remain closed to the public.

Appropriate masks will be required over age 5 years to be allowed entry into our store.:

-3 layer tightly knit fabric with nose pinch adjustment wire

-2 layer tightly-knit fabric with a filter insert and nose-pinch adjustment wire

-ASTM Certified Disposable Surgical Mask

Masks must be worn properly, covering both nose and mouth entirely, for the entire time customers are in our store. Please ensure your mask is not loose, and does not slip before entry. We'll give you a free surgical mask, if needed.

We will gladly supply an ASTM Level 3 surgical mask to anyone who does not have a mask recognized as safe by the Chief Public Health Officer of Canada, Theresa Tam.


A Message from Carla...

Finally, we are open for in-store shopping! We've missed you all so much, and can't wait to see you all again. For everyone's safety, masks are still required over age 5. For those who are unable to wear a mask, we are happy to accommodate you with an after-hours appointment, so that I can leave the immediate sales area, as I myself, am high risk. I do appreciate your consideration.


Carla Muller, and staff at Baby Charlotte