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jacob's journey the boy born early paperback book - dr. sandy moniz

When Jacob opens his eyes for the first time, people in the hospital look worried. He came a little earlier than expected. Jacob's need to fight to stay alive makes his mom sad and keeps his doctors busy. The hospital is cold and noisy, but the love from his family is all he needs to keep fighting.

Jacob's Journey:
 The Boy Born Early captures the inspiring resilience of a premature baby in his first moments of life. What may seem scary to many becomes a heartwarming story that is perfect for families looking for hope and triumph in trying times....

About the Author:

Dr. Sandy Moniz is a Registered Clinical and Forensic Psychologist and mother to Jacob, who was born at 25 weeks old. Dr. Moniz understands the impact of trauma that can occur after a premature birth on both parents and their families. Jacob's Journey: The Boy Born Early was written to be a companion to parents of babies in intensive care to normalize their feelings and provide hope and encouragement...

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