Tea Collection

Explore the world in beautifully crafted clothing. Most items are made from 100% cotton jersey, although there are a few exceptions, to add texture and style. These are clothes that you would wear - if you could!

Tea Collection is a worldwide brand that is ethically sourced and mindful of fair trade practices, and their social responsibilities to their workers, manufacturing partners, vendors and the communities in which their goods are made. Tea Collection clothing is made following responsible labor laws, good working conditions and without the use of child or slave labor. We have factories in Peru, Thailand, China, Indonesia & Vietnam. Wherever Tea Collection is made, we strive to be mindful and responsible.

With each and every purchase, Tea Collection gives back through its charity partner, The Global Fund for Children. Together they have given nearly 500k to benefit local grassroots charities, advancing the dignity of children and young people since 2003.

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