Manhattan Toy

Once upon a time, back when "text" was still a noun, and not every toy had batteries, there was a little toy company that set out to become the best toy company ever. Not because it endeavoured to make a more lovable teddy bear or truck that turns into a wristwatch, but because it endeavours to make a difference. The little company called Manhattan Toy recognizes that we are profoundly influenced by the toys we play with. We remember that the most powerful thing any of us play with in this life is our imagination.

Manhattan Toy are the creators of classic and whimsical children’s toys. Artists at Manhattan Toy's design studio in Minneapolis draw inspiration from the delight of their children, and their own childhood memories - some are classics, some are new,  but all are delightful and innovative toys. Favourite Manhattan Toy brands include Baby Stella, Groovy Girls, Mio, Whoozit, Skwish, Dr. Suess & Fraggle Rock. All are made with the utmost attention to quality and safety, ensuring that our toys are both durable and safe. Each design undergoes thorough and rigorous testing to comply with North American and International safety standards for children’s products.

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