About Us

Our name is LÄSSIG which means “casual“ in German. We develop products that are not only casual, beautiful and functional, but are also fun and make life easier. So, naturally, we named our products and the Company “LÄSSIG“. Therefore, the name matches our philosophy: Simply LÄSSIG!

We from LÄSSIG love our environment and lend our support to the protection of nature and human beings. Sustainability is not a strategic catchword for us but an attitude. We increasingly produce with recycled, untreated and therefore environmentally friendly materials, the safety of which is continuously audited and ensured by accredited test institutes.

Social Responsibility

The Bärenherz facilities in Wiesbaden and Leipzig provide care and support for children with a life-shortening disease and their families. We support the Bärenherz children's hospice in Wiesbaden with a monthly donation and additionally draw attention to the foundation with our Lela products. With the sale of the Lela products, we support the Bärenherz children's hospital financially while drawing attention to the various projects and tireless dedication of the Bärenherz employees.

Water is a rare and precious commodity, which is why LÄSSIG is supporting a well construction project that will secure the long-term water supply in the Kobe region of East Chad. The project is financed by the sale of the Green Label charity shoppers, which are made of Ecoya® material dyed in a resource-friendly process, and locally implemented by the organization Help – Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe e.V. Every time a charity shopper made of Ecoya® is sold, LÄSSIG donates EUR 2.00 toward the construction of a well in the province of Kobe in Chad. A donation amount totaling € 7,000 is required for the construction of a well in conjunction with a solar-operated pump for sparing water withdrawal.

Well received: The orphanage MAKEMBA in Kenya offers children a safe home. All those who have children of their own cannot imagine life without them. Unfortunately, a lot of children have to master life without parents and sometimes the grave conditions of their environment aggravate the situation even more. The wonderful project of the public charity “Future for Children e.V.“ first and foremost enables capacity building. The establishment of the orphanage MAKEMBA in Kenya offers many children the opportunity of an autonomous life. The organization provides direct and immediate developmental aid for sustainable solutions. A laudable project which we support financially as sponsors on a monthly basis.


Deep waters: We fight against the extinction of sharks and support the Sharkproject. We not only use the shark as a decorative element on our children‘s bags, but we also campaign for its survival. The voluntary organization Sharkproject fights against the extinction of this regal ocean dweller that is lacking a wide protective lobby. The popular misconception that the shark is a bloodthirsty monster, its low rate of proliferation and the immense pressure of the fishing industry result in the fact that extinction of this species is already in full swing. The consequence of this mass murder is an irreversible break in the largest ecological system of the world. If we don‘t react now, the oceans will die within the next decades and consequently 70% of our oxygen production.


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