Kathe Kruse

The brand Käthe Kruse stands for trust, quality and safety

Our products are designed and made to last throughout childhood. To guarantee the safety of our products, we produce them in our own production sites. Our products are tested by independent organizations regarding materials, production, construction and ingredients.

Respecting our company philosophy, every product is produced individually. They get their typical Kruse charm because of the use of handcraft. Each year we present new and innovative baby toys and play dolls - our classics remain in the catalog for many years. We create new models every year for our handmade classic dolls too.

Each employee, each supplier, each customer and each business partner should be treated with respect, dignity and fairness. We expect of our employees, our suppliers and business partners to obey to the laws of the countries they do business with. Sustainable and eco-efficient production is important to us. We use renewable raw materials for our production and keep it as eco-efficient as possible. Some of our raw materials carry the label for controlled biological agriculture and controlled biological livestock farming. We try to keep our logistic as efficient as possible in order to avoid unnecessary environmental stress.

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