Colored Organics

Who We Are

Colored Organics® offers 100% sweatshop free certified organic cotton clothing in a variety of unique styles and colors. Our products are made using naturally hypoallergenic fabrics and the highest global quality standards. The results are non-toxic clothing that is both sustainably and ethically produced. Colored Organics® gives you the opportunity to know what you wear and shop with purpose.

Our Mission

Our mission at Colored Organics is to create clothing with a happy history. We start with certified organic cotton, grown without harmful pesticides and herbicides. This cotton is then carefully woven into unique and attractive pieces in our 100% Sweatshop free facilities. All our production facilities offer fair wages, safe working environments, and extended health care plans to all its employees. It is our pleasure to deliver a product that is guaranteed to benefit both the consumer and those involved in its production - this is our Fair Trade™ promise.

Our Style

Color, quality, comfort and simplicity are the hallmarks of Colored Organics® style. We offer high quality, fashionable and comfortable clothing in variety of vibrant colors and attractive patterns for everyday wear. Attention to the fine details in our basic, yet sophisticated designs coupled with high quality fabrics, ensures the height of comfort and wearability.

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