Buggygear began as Buggyguard in 2008.  The inspiration behind the original company was to create solutions to the many problems we face as parents. A new mother myself, I immediately noticed how expensive it was to care of my baby girl, Nicole, and strollers were no exception. I spend a lot of time, effort and money when selecting the perfect stroller for my baby. Strollers had become serious investments. So I find myself at the local park or restaurant, with the whereabouts of my handpicked stroller competing for equal awareness as the attention for my one year old. Here again the words from my father echoing in my brain how 'the things we own tend to own us in the end". Clearly there must be a solution to this problem that only becomes magnified when my jogging stroller goes missing from the back of my house! After months of searching for the right product, nothing offered that right combination of convenience, attractiveness, and functionality for repeated use. I finally decided to come up with my own solution to this problem in the form of Buggyguard!

From Buggyguard to B-Hooks to the accessories you now find in our Buggygear store, we hope you enjoy these smart accessories as much as we do.  We are hard at work solving parents problems with three growing children now.  Visit again soon to see what we develop next!

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